Ranking and Profile Examples

Unlock the full potential of our retail database by exploring its comprehensive structure. With 18 sectors available, each featuring rankings by country and retail profiles, our database offers a wealth of information. The demo, showcasing Portugal, provides an overview of the database's extensive capabilities. Simply select a select a country and retailer from the list to access their full profile.

While this demo is limited to Portugal, all other countries and retail sectors follow a similar format, providing an accurate representation of the data we offer. Subscribed users gain exclusive access to further data, providing valuable insights to drive your business decisions.

Sector Ranking Examples and Profiles:


DIY & Gardening

Consumer Electronics

Fashion & Clothing

Sport & Leisure

Books & Magazines

Footwear & Leather

Toys & Games


Personal Care

Furniture & decoration


Jewellery & watches



Baby Ware





Access to the database includes an Excel file export:

Portugal Sample Export (February 2024)

The current number of retailers in the database is aggregated under: 'Retailer count per sector and country'.