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DIY & Gardening Retailers in Europe

COVID-19 Impact

During the financial year 2019/2020, which was characterised by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Do-It-Yourself retail market saw an incremental growth of over 3%, with the highest growth experienced in Germany. It is expected to continue growing until at least 2024. Moreover, during this period the sector saw negative or non-existing impact from the virus pandemic, with most of the companies in the sector opening new stores. Another trend is that companies are relocating part of their businesses online due to the limited possibility for movement. The majority of growth is a result of the rising interest in DIY home improvement projects, as funds which would otherwise be spend on leisure activities are relocated due to lockdowns. Further, a large part of workers stay at home due to the travel restrictions and have the necessary time to plan and execute these projects at home

Unique Database

Our database contains all key information on Do-It-Yourself & Gardening retail chains in Europe, including data on turnovers, store counts and number of megastores. For each country, we have curated a ranking based on the latest available turnover figures. Each of the 500+ retailers has their own profile which is updated frequently.

The format is similar for all rankings and profiles across sectors and countries. Selecting the profile provides the retailer name, headquarter address, phone, fax, management, company website(s), e-commerce, turnover development, banners, number of stores, sales surface and other relevant information. For multinational retailers the address of the head-offices for each country is reported as well as the main local manager(s).

A number of free examples are available at DIY & Gardening Portugal . Further access is only on paid subscription. For prices see Price & Order Information