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Rankings and profiles of the major fashion & clothing retailers in Europa

The retailers in our database are divided by the country they are located in. Per country, we present them by a ranking, based on their most recent turnover. Additionally, we provide a detailed profile per retailer. In total, our database holds over 2,500 accounts of fashion retailers.

Analysing fashion retailers in Europe is a difficult task as the market is constantly changing. Even though some international retailers are of great importance, they would never dominate. This is because they generally consist of a large number of chains and new banners/brands keep appearing very regularly. Our goal is to keep up with all these changes and check the fashion chains several times a year. 

We have included webshops in our retailers’ profiles, because they are showing the fastest growth at the moment. At first, this growth was mostly shown by the internet-only retailers, but today it is more significant for the traditional retailers who are combining online- and physical shops (clicks and bricks) and who are developing alternative shopping concepts. With regards to fashion, the main online success factors appear to be fast logistics and flexible return policies when goods do not fit or do not meet expectations.

The rankings provided by us are broken down in 4 segments:

  • The fashion specialists: H&M, C&A, Zara, etc.
  • The department stores: hypermarkets and others selling fashion
  • The internet retailers and mail-order companies
  • The companies with a significant amount of own stores: Levi’s, etcetera

By selecting the green button on the right hand side of this page you will get a complete overview of the number of stores per country.

Retail-Index contains all vital information about international and national fashion/clothing chains, including their turnover and the numbers of stores and banners/types of shops. We focus mainly on fashion retailers located in Europe representing countries such as Germany, France, the UK, Italy, and Spain, but most European countries are included. Countries outside of Europe like the USA, China and Japan have recently been included as well but do not yet offer full coverage. All data are updated several times a year.

Access to this database can be gained only by subscription. For a demo of the rankings and the contents of the retailers’ profiles in the fashion sector, you can access the data for Portugal for free via this website. If you select the fashion sector you will see the rankings and profiles on the Portuguese market. The profiles can be accessed by clicking on a retailer in the list.

We present the rankings and profiles for each country in exactly the same way as can be seen in the Portuguese data. We do not only do this for retailers in the fashion sector, but for other retail markets in Europe as well. Once you have selected a country and sector, you are presented with a ranking of retailers for your selection. You can subsequently select each retailer to view their detailed profile. Here you find information on, for example, the address of the headquarters, phone number, fax, management, company website(s), webshop URL, turnover, banners, types of shops, number of stores and other relevant information. For multinational retailers the address of the head offices in each country is reported separately, in addition to their national head office or coordination address.

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