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Rankings and Profiles of Food Retailers in Europe

Our online database provides a unique access to practical rankings of food retailers in Europe as well as the major countries worldwide. Currently, the database includes a total of over 1050 profiles of food retailers and retail head offices located in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

We have been collecting and publishing key data on food retailers worldwide since 1989. The data collected were originally documented in printed reports. Later, these were replaced by this online and current database, which is updated 4 times a year.

The database shows that the total turnover of all European food retailers in 2018 was €3.5 trillion. This was collected by 240.000 outlets in total. France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom have the highest food retail turnover in Europe. The biggest retail chains are the French Carrefour, German Schwarz Group with the discounters Lidl and KauflandTesco(UK) and Rewe Group(Germany) with its biggest banners Rewe and the discounter Penny

Still, each of these companies takes up only a few per cent of the total market. Some retailers have been doing business for many decades but in each sector we can see the “younger” retailers competing effectively with the established merchants. Some examples of these younger participants are Morrisonsin the UK, Jumboin The Netherlands and Lidlin Germany and France. Price-competition in combination with adequate service have been the main contributors to the increase in sales for these newer competitors. In the coming decades online selling and smart logistics to end-users will be the key points to focus on for healthy development. UK food retailers clearly lead the way with Tesco now selling 5% of its turnover through the internet. E-food will very likely be the fastest growing source of revenue for food retailers in the next 5 years. 

By using this database you will get a quick and practical overview of each retail market and its leading players. Each retailer has its own profile, consisting of name, address of the headquarters, phone number, fax, top manager(s), company website(s), online shop(s), turnover, banners, number of stores, and more. For multinational retailers the address of the international head office as well as their separate local offices is listed.

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France retailers: Intermarche, supermarket UK retailers Morrisons supermarket Belgium Retailers: Leader Price, discounter Spain retailers: Mercadona, supermarket France retailers: Lidl, discounter