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European forecourt retailing - Rankings and Profiles

If there is one retail sector with significant changes in it's core business, it certainly is the petrol retail sector. In the last 10 years the major petrol stations have changed to food service outlets as well as complete supermarkets and fast food outlets. The most perfect examples can be seen in France where Carrefour and other major retailers have positioned themselves as complete service stations with wide food supply as well as the combination with several fast food outlets integrated in the motorway service stations. 

For each country rankings of retailers are provided and a complete profile of each retailer is included. Our unique database covers all the major Petrol retail companies in Europe. Every day new data and new retailers are added to this database. The current number of retailers in the database can easily be seen via the search menu at Home & Search. Via the homepage other retail sectors are accessible as well. The European countries are listed first.

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This database contains all key information about international and national Petrol retail chains, the numbers of gas stations and often also turnover. Not only the major countries such as Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain but also many smaller countries. For each country the top ranking is presented according to the latest available turnover figures. All data are updated frequently.

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